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HML Holtz are specialists in commercial law, in particular competition, patent, trademark and licensing law with many years of experience in the comprehensive support of medium-sized companies from Germany and abroad.


HML Holtz

Wolf-Boris Berninger, HML Holtz Lawyers and Tax Advisers

Wolf-Boris Berninger

Lawyer in Cooperation.
Wolf-Boris Berninger studied Law at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich from 1995 to 2001 and has been admitted as a Lawyer since August 2005.

Alexander Holtz, Owner HML Holtz Lawyers and Tax Adviser

Alexander Holtz

Alexander Holtz is a Lawyer in Munich-Bogenhausen and owner of the law firm HML Holtz. He now advises and represents clients from Australia, Japan, Russia, Europe, USA and Brazil.

Gabriele Donig-Dreher, business finance economist and Tax Consultant at HML Holtz in Munich

Gabriele Donig-Dreher

Tax Consultant in Cooperation.
MS Donig-Dreher Oversees Tax planning and tax Design for Businesses, Businesses and high net Worth households

Pier-Luigi De Anna, Europäischer Patentanwalt, European Patent Attorney

Ing. Pier Luigi De Anna

Patent Attorney in Co-operation
Pier Luigi De Anna co-founded N&G GmbH in 2002, a patent office in Munich, and directed it until August 2011. 2012 he opened DeAnna Patent in Munich

Michael Struckhoff, Attorney at HML Holtz, Employment Lawyer and Commercial And Corporate Lawyer

Michael Struckhoff

Lawyer in Cooperation.
Michael Struckhoff has been a Specialist Lawyer for Employment law since 1993 and successfully completed his Training as a Specialist Lawyer for commercial and Corporate Law in autumn 2013.

Jan Köster, Lawyer at HML Holtz, Munich

Jan Köster

Lawyer in Cooperation.
Jan Köster to Mediator of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for München/Obberbayern, Member of the Munich Economic Confederation and Moderator of the Group of Entrepreneurship at Xing.

Peter Thalhauser, Lawyer at HML Holtz in Munich

Peter Thalhauser

Lawyer in Cooperation.
Peter Thalhauser studied Law at Ludwigs Maximilians University in Munich and has supported HML in all Areas of Civil Law since 2018.


Coaching and business advice by Alexander Holtz

Coaching and economic support

Alexander Holtz offers comprehensive coaching and support that takes into account the entire legal and economic interests of the client.

Competition law and Advertising HML Holtz Munich

Competition Law and Advertising law

The line between permissible and anti-competitive actions is often narrow in competition Law. Respond legally correctly to Warnings with our Help.

International Service and Labour Law

Labour Law | International Service and Labour Law

We advise and represent Clients, Personnel representatives and Trade unions on operational restructuring, termination of Employment To the Court of the International Labour Organization (VGIAO/ILOAT) in Geneva.

Commercial Law, corporate law, capital law at HML Law | Munich-Bogenhausen

Partner of your management: commercial, corporate and capital Law

Starting from the founding of your Company, HML Holtz will advise and accompany you on all legal and economic tasks of corporate management.

Patent, license, trademark and Copyright HML Holtz Munich

Patent Law | Trademark Law | Copyright | Licensing law

Patents, utility and design protects your inventions and innovations from unauthorized commercial use by competitors and other third parties.

HML Holtz protects and monitors Your Copyrights and advises you competently on all licensing issues.

Private and Public Building Law

Private and Public Building Law

Our clients from the real estate and real estate development industry challenge us every day with their projects. Because the specialists sit in the house with us.

Real Estate Transactions

Our clients from the real estate and real estate development industry challenge us every day with their projects. Because the specialists sit in the house with us.

Strategy Consulting and Representation of client interests in Committees and Organisations

Strategy consulting And Advocacy

Together with our clients, we develop solutions in complex problems and represent the interests of our clients in legal or out of court.

International Service and Employment Law

International Service and Employment Law

We also represent our clients before the Administrative Court (ILO Administrative Tribunal) of the International Labor Organization (ILO).

The Administrative Court of the International Labor Organization is responsible for the employment matters of the employees of more than 50 international organizations, such as the European Patent Organization (EPO).



With our partners in all major regions of the world, we offer worldwide competent legal protection for companies and organizations.


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