A Team is more than the sum of all of its employees.

Wolf-Boris Berninger, HML Holtz Lawyers and Tax Advisers

Wolf-Boris Berninger

Lawyer in Cooperation.
Wolf-Boris Berninger studied Law at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich from 1995 to 2001 and has been admitted as a Lawyer since August 2005.

Alexander Holtz, Owner HML Holtz Lawyers and Tax Adviser

Alexander Holtz

Alexander Holtz is a Lawyer in Munich-Bogenhausen and owner of the law firm HML Holtz. He now advises and represents clients from Australia, Japan, Russia, Europe, USA and Brazil.

Gabriele Donig-Dreher, business finance economist and Tax Consultant at HML Holtz in Munich

Gabriele Donig-Dreher

Tax Consultant in Cooperation.
MS Donig-Dreher Oversees Tax planning and tax Design for Businesses, Businesses and high net Worth households

Michael Struckhoff, Attorney at HML Holtz, Employment Lawyer and Commercial And Corporate Lawyer

Michael Struckhoff

Lawyer in Cooperation.
Michael Struckhoff has been a Specialist Lawyer for Employment law since 1993 and successfully completed his Training as a Specialist Lawyer for commercial and Corporate Law in autumn 2013.

Jan Köster, Lawyer at HML Holtz, Munich

Jan Köster

Lawyer in Cooperation.
Jan Köster to Mediator of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for München/Obberbayern, Member of the Munich Economic Confederation and Moderator of the Group of Entrepreneurship at Xing.

Peter Thalhauser, Lawyer at HML Holtz in Munich

Peter Thalhauser

Lawyer in Cooperation.
Peter Thalhauser studied Law at Ludwigs Maximilians University in Munich and has supported HML in all Areas of Civil Law since 2018.