Real Estate Transactions

In times of low interest rates, real estate as an investment is becoming more and more important. HML Holtz is your partner when it comes to recognizing nalues, defining new Project Ideas or developing existing Properties with a new concept into top performers. Our Focus is on assisting in Real Estate Transactions.

Alexander Holtz is responsible for all questions relating to project idea, project initiation, design, market and location analysis as well as the assessment of risks related to use, competition and costs. As a lawyer, he advises investors, asset managers, self-users, corporates, public and church clients in particular on the following topics:

  • Liability
  • Financing and tax support
  • Local planning law
  • Project development and management as well as facility management

And accesses a large network of specialists. Whether for rental, purchase or other transactions -the knowledge of the real estate market is part of the expertise of HML Holtz.

Our Expertise

Whether in Real estate Transactions, Possible financing, Real Estate use or Project Development: Our real estate expertise is available not only to real estate developers, but also to house farmers and Homeowners.

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