Private and Public Building Law Passions

Private and Public Building Law

What applies to construction law for large real estate companies has also benefits for the private home builder: Current knowledge of building law, professional expertise in everything related to real estate and the certain quince of skill when it comes to tricky cases.

Because both in the purchase and In the construction of a property, not only builders and executing trades or companies are involved, but also the state and its many regulations have to be taken into account in many places. Therefore, there is private and public building law: Private building law regulates the relations between building parties, and public building law then refers to the relationship between citizen and state.

Our Expertise

  • Building permit and Construction Planning procedures
  • Construction Contract Management
  • Construction Accompanying Advice
  • Enforcement of building claims

Whether in Real estate Transactions, Possible financing, Real Estate use or Project Development: Our real estate expertise is available not only to real estate developers, but also to house farmers and Homeowners.