Strategy Consulting and Representation of client interests in Committees and Organisations

Strategy consulting And Advocacy

Strategieberatung und Vertretung von Mandanten-Interessen in Gremien und Organisationen

Our Focus: Strategy consulting. Together with our Clients, we develop solutions in complex problems and represent the interests of our clients in legal or out of court in national and international committees and organizations.

We support complex projects from concept development, the identification of content priorities to the implementation into measurable results.

In addition, we offer monitoring and evaluation of sustainability strategies as well as the systematic recording and monitoring of projects, processes and organizational units.

International Service and Labour Law

Labour Law | International Service and Labour Law

International and national Law Of service at HML Holtz in Munich
Specialist in national and international Law of Service: Lawyer Alexander Holtz at HML Holtz, Munich

HML Holtz is your partner in operational restructuring and terminating employment relationships for employers and employees, especially in international service and employment law.

We advise and represent clients, staff representatives and trade unions before the Court Of the International Work Organisation ILOAT In Geneva.

International Service Law

International Law on service is a Special Feature, contrary to national employment and Service law, because international Organizations can maintain Their Duties with their Employees regardless of the national labour law of the member Or Seat states. Regulate on your own. Thus, the international Right Of service is removed from that of national Sovereignty. HML Holtz represents Clients, Staff representatives and Trade unions before the Administrative Court of the International Organization (VGILO), the Court of the International Labour Organisation (IAO/ILO) in Geneva.

International Labour Law

If you want to conclude a new Contract of employment in an international Company or An international Organization based abroad, you often do not overlook the Consequences that come with it. HML Law advises Employees and Companies on the Design of the Contract and assists the Parties in Negotiations and Conclusion of service and employment Contracts. Of course, we also advise and represent Companies and Employees on the amendment/termination Of contracts and Dismissal protection Lawsuits, Cancellation Agreements, Washing-up Contracts and much more.

We Also represent You Competently and Goal-oriented when it comes to occupational Pension Provision and European Employment law.

Our Clients appreciate our many years of Experience in European service and Employment Law at the

  • Design, Negotiation and Conclusion of service and employment Contracts
  • Advice or Representation in the Termination of Contracts, such as Dismissal Protection Claims, Cancellation Contracts or the Settlement of employment contracts
  • Representation in The case of Remuneration law, disciplinary Law and Personnel Representation Law
  • Representing Clients in the event Of labour law problems before the VGIAP and the European Court of Justice
Competition law and Advertising HML Holtz Munich

Competition Law and Advertising law

The line between permissible and anti-competitive actions is often narrow in competition Law. Respond legally correctly to warnings in Competition Law with our help.

We are not just advising the legal part

In Germany, Competition law is regulated by the Unfair Competition Act (UWG). The aim is to protect Manufacturers, Suppliers, consumers and other Market participants from Distortions and thus from Restrictions on competition, in which market behaviour rules are imposed on all Parties involved. As a long-time Consultant to Companies in the BtB/BtC business, HML Holtz is familiar with a wide range of advertising and marketing activities and can represent Your Company competently and sustainably, both in the Run-up to Promotions and in the Case of Warnings.

Patent, license, trademark and Copyright HML Holtz Munich

Patent Law | Trademark Law | Copyright | Licensing…

Copyright and Licensing Law

Patents, utility And Design Protect Your Inventions and Innovations from unauthorized commercial Use by Competitors and other Third parties. HML Holtz protects And Monitors your Copyrights And advises you competently on all licensing issues.

Copyright is a very wide-ranging Area of law, closely linked to media law, Internet law and publishing law . Copyright is the subjective and absolute right to the protection of Intellectual property,both ideologically and materially. Especially when It comes to licensing issues, it is important to know experienced partners at your side in order to be able to use and exploit a copyrighted work, for example. HML Holtz advises you on all questions of licensing law:

  • Licensing agreements and royalties
  • Scope of License, Types of Use and rights Of use
  • Licenses for music, film, book/literature andimage rights
  • Licenses for software
  • Terms And conditions (AGB)

The Combination of Copyright law, Media Law and Internet Law has a major Impact on Licensing law and the Design Of Licensing agreements. HML Holtz advises competently and with Verve on licensing law, the review and preparation of licensing agreements and, of course, the violation of licensing rights and contracts.

Patent and Trademark Law

Patents, utility and design protects your inventions and innovations from unauthorized commercial use by competitors and other third parties.

Therefore, use our expertise in advising, organising and defending patents and utility models.

Patents and Utility Models are important Tools for securing investments in technical Advancements. As a specialist In Commercial law, In particular competition law, patent law, trademark law and licensing law, HML Holtz has many years of experience in the comprehensive support of medium-sized companies from Germany and abroad. We look after a number of clients from European and Asian countries in all matters relating to the Registration, Defence or Enforcement of patents.

We offer comprehensive service for national, European and International Patent procedures:

  • Search For the intellectual property rights of third parties
  • Rating on the validity of patents or utility models
  • Registration of Patents and Utility Models
  • Supervising the registration procedures
  • Enforcement in the event of Injury
  • Defending Intellectual Property rights against third-party attacks

Of Course, we look after Our Clients in proceedings before the German Patent And Trademark Office, THE European Patent Office, WIPO, the FEDERAL Patent Court, the BGH and the Infringement courts, Including Opposition Proceedings, Annulment proceedings and Patent Infringement Disputes.

More Information:

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Real Estate Transactions

In times of low interest rates, real estate as an investment is becoming more and more important. HML Holtz is your partner when it comes to recognizing nalues, defining new Project Ideas or developing existing Properties with a new concept into top performers. Our Focus is on assisting in Real Estate Transactions.

Alexander Holtz is responsible for all questions relating to project idea, project initiation, design, market and location analysis as well as the assessment of risks related to use, competition and costs. As a lawyer, he advises investors, asset managers, self-users, corporates, public and church clients in particular on the following topics:

  • Liability
  • Financing and tax support
  • Local planning law
  • Project development and management as well as facility management

And accesses a large network of specialists. Whether for rental, purchase or other transactions -the knowledge of the real estate market is part of the expertise of HML Holtz.

Our Expertise

Whether in Real estate Transactions, Possible financing, Real Estate use or Project Development: Our real estate expertise is available not only to real estate developers, but also to house farmers and Homeowners.

Commercial Law, corporate law, capital law at HML Law | Munich-Bogenhausen

Partner of your management: commercial, corporate and capital Law

From the start-up of the Company, to Changes in the company’s form, company sale or company merger, to the closure or spin-off of parts of the company, HML Holtz advises and supports all legal and economic tasks of the company corporate governance.
Already the creation of a company often requires economic, marketing and legal advice. Whether name, company form or logo – there is a lot to consider before a company can participate in the market. HML Holtz advises on company start-ups, teaches specialists for the first company appearance in print and web, and is a partner for all financing issues.

Attorney Jan Köster Attorney and Alexander Holtz, owner of HML Holtz also have in-depth knowledge and many years of practice with major international brands and manufacturers when it comes to purchase, work or factory delivery contracts goes.


  • Buying contracts, work contracts and factory delivery contracts
  • Commercial agent contract law, dealers or commission contracts
  • Funding and Factoring
Private and Public Building Law

Private and Public Building Law

What applies to construction law for large real estate companies has also benefits for the private home builder: Current knowledge of building law, professional expertise in everything related to real estate and the certain quince of skill when it comes to tricky cases.

Because both in the purchase and In the construction of a property, not only builders and executing trades or companies are involved, but also the state and its many regulations have to be taken into account in many places. Therefore, there is private and public building law: Private building law regulates the relations between building parties, and public building law then refers to the relationship between citizen and state.

Our Expertise

  • Building permit and Construction Planning procedures
  • Construction Contract Management
  • Construction Accompanying Advice
  • Enforcement of building claims

Whether in Real estate Transactions, Possible financing, Real Estate use or Project Development: Our real estate expertise is available not only to real estate developers, but also to house farmers and Homeowners.