Michael Struckhoff, Attorney at HML Holtz, Employment Lawyer and Commercial And Corporate Lawyer Team

Michael Struckhoff


In Cooperation
  • Specialist attorney for Employment Law
  • Specialist attorney for commercial and Corporate Law

Field of Work

  • Labour law
  • Commercial and Corporate Law

Attorney Michael Struckhoff, a Specialist Attorney for employment law and commercial and corporate Law, has been specializing for 25 years in the goal-oriented solution of all the challenges that arise for companies, executives and individuals, especially in the area of trade and company law . He has been a Specialist lawyer For Employment law since 1993 and successfully Completed his training as a specialist lawyer For Commercial and corporate law in autumn 2013.

In the Field of Employment Law, Attorney Struckhoff represents employees, works councils and, in particular, employers with consistent competence. Especially in the Area of Labour law as well as In the area Of Employment criminal law , the long-standing representation of employers and Employees and the consequent Knowledge of “both sides” leads to optimised results.

In the Field of Litigation Law, Attorney Struckhoff works together with his Clients to Develop Strategies and Procedures for achieving the best Possible Process process.

Michael Struckhoff is not considered a conflict shy, but he is always interested in creative And, above all, economically sensible solutions. Lasting conflict and Problem Resolution is the Goal.