A lLegal battle must be addressed with determination and a cool headed way. Goals are set, strategies are developed and the pros and cons of every action ar carefully weighed against each other. This is helped by the experience of our team, the tranquility of our conference room and, of course, the current literature of jurisprudence, which we always have at hand. This allows us to advise you properly. This is also confirmed by the Corporate Intl Award , which has been awarded to us for many years

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HML Holtz represents you before all courts, regional courts and higher education courts as well as in patent cases also before the federal patent court, the federal Court of justice and the European Patent Office. As we are specialist in comprehensive commercial property, professional defense and negotiation before all courts is a matter of course for us.

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As a commercially oriented Law Firm, we have an eye on the overall business and financial situation of our clients. It is not short-term success that counts, but the long-term cooperation that we often have with our clients for more than a decade.

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