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Copyright and Licensing Law

Patents, utility And Design Protect Your Inventions and Innovations from unauthorized commercial Use by Competitors and other Third parties. HML Holtz protects And Monitors your Copyrights And advises you competently on all licensing issues.

Copyright is a very wide-ranging Area of law, closely linked to media law, Internet law and publishing law . Copyright is the subjective and absolute right to the protection of Intellectual property,both ideologically and materially. Especially when It comes to licensing issues, it is important to know experienced partners at your side in order to be able to use and exploit a copyrighted work, for example. HML Holtz advises you on all questions of licensing law:

  • Licensing agreements and royalties
  • Scope of License, Types of Use and rights Of use
  • Licenses for music, film, book/literature andimage rights
  • Licenses for software
  • Terms And conditions (AGB)

The Combination of Copyright law, Media Law and Internet Law has a major Impact on Licensing law and the Design Of Licensing agreements. HML Holtz advises competently and with Verve on licensing law, the review and preparation of licensing agreements and, of course, the violation of licensing rights and contracts.

Patent and Trademark Law

Patents, utility and design protects your inventions and innovations from unauthorized commercial use by competitors and other third parties.

Therefore, use our expertise in advising, organising and defending patents and utility models.

Patents and Utility Models are important Tools for securing investments in technical Advancements. As a specialist In Commercial law, In particular competition law, patent law, trademark law and licensing law, HML Holtz has many years of experience in the comprehensive support of medium-sized companies from Germany and abroad. We look after a number of clients from European and Asian countries in all matters relating to the Registration, Defence or Enforcement of patents.

We offer comprehensive service for national, European and International Patent procedures:

  • Search For the intellectual property rights of third parties
  • Rating on the validity of patents or utility models
  • Registration of Patents and Utility Models
  • Supervising the registration procedures
  • Enforcement in the event of Injury
  • Defending Intellectual Property rights against third-party attacks

Of Course, we look after Our Clients in proceedings before the German Patent And Trademark Office, THE European Patent Office, WIPO, the FEDERAL Patent Court, the BGH and the Infringement courts, Including Opposition Proceedings, Annulment proceedings and Patent Infringement Disputes.

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