Corporate Int’l Awards

Awards for excellence of the world’s leading consultants and financiers in a variety of countries and continents.

CorporateINTL Awards are presented to consultants, business and law firms who have proven to be excellent over the past 12 Months, not only in expertisebut also In the service sector . Detailed Research by the independent research and editorial teams will be carried out for all awards. CORPORATE INTL Global Awards uses this research to comprise a shortlist of up to 5 potential Winners in each Category.

Pre-selection candidates will be carefully considered. Corporate INTL focuses on the type of service, the range of services, the type of business, the geographical location, the way the company operates and the expertise that each team can provide to companies that either act or want to act in their chosen legal order.

The shortlisted companies will then be reviewed by an independent decision-making body in each country with the eventual winners selected by this independent body.

Awards from Corporate INTL therefore promote leading companies in their selected areas worldwide. The Corporate INTL Magazine is read by Chief Executives, Investors and Consultants around the World and Is a major award for companies that are named winners in their specific Categories. Once the Winners have been announced and each Team has received the prize, a special publication will be published to announce the winners worldwide.