Pier-Luigi De Anna, Europäischer Patentanwalt, European Patentattorney Team

Ing. Pier Luigi De Anna

Pier-Luigi De Anna, Europäischer Patentanwalt, European Patentattorney

in Kooperation

  • Europäischer Patentanwalt
  • Italienischer Patentanwalt
  • Mitglied der Deutschen Patentanwaltskammer


  • Elektro-chemische Technologien
  • Beschichtungsprozesse für Dünnschichtprozesse für Metalle und Oxiden


Pier Luigi De Anna graduated in Chemical Engineering at the University of Genoa in 1975. He started his career as a Researcher at the Italian Research Council’s Institute of Applied Chemistry and Physics with research projects in the electro-chemical field and analyzing metal corrosion processes. He published more than twenty articles in international scientific journals

From 1975 to 1978 he worked as Visiting Scientist at the renowned R&D laboratories of Sulzer in Switzerland, The Hungary Science Academy and from 1981-1982 at General Electric in the USA where he developed innovative research projects. In 1984 De Anna became a Project Manager in planning of SNR2 nuclear breeder reactor of Ansaldo.

European Patent Attorney

Pier Luigi De Anna started at the European Patent Office, The Hague/NL, in 1986 where he gained a thorough knowledge of patent documents research methods. He continued his career at the EPO from 1991 onwards at the European Patent Office in Munich where he was responsible for examination and opposition for patent applications, particularly those relating to electro-chemical technologies and coating processes for thin layers of metals and oxides.

2002 he co-founded N&G GmbH, a patent office in Munich, and directed it until August 2011. 2012 he opened DeAnna Patent in Munich