Development and Change Notes


  • White Edge: Change .project Borderstyle
  • Display in 3 or 4 blocks: Changed in the class-shapely-portfolio-home.ê file. Located in Shapely Companion/Widgets.
    3-Ad: Change widget-home portfolio col-md-4 (33) instead of md-3 (25). For just Number is 4 OK, for odd also 3. Currently set to 8 Projects in the Widgets Team.
  • New File single-jetpack-portfolio.ê laid out with Width md-12 (100). This shows all projects at 100.

Changed page.ê

<div id=”primary” class=”col-md-12 mb-xs-24 <?php echo esc_attr( $layout_class ); ?>”><? ê 12 instead of 8. This means that all pages are 100 wide. Sidenav shouldn’t go anymore, though!